Debra Bazemore is an active board member of the Leading Women’s Repertory and will sit on the panel the "Glass Ceiling". She is running for House District 63 which includes parts of College Park, Union City, Unincorporated South Fulton County. It also includes a portion of Fayetteville, some North Fayette and the Panhandle of Clayton.

She currently serves as a member of the Steering Committee for Fulton County 2035 Comprehensive Plan, President of South Fulton United, President of Old National Area Residents United, South Fulton Ambassador, President of her Homeowners Association, Georgia Democratic Party State Committee member and Post Seat Holder, a member of Black Veterans Helping Veterans and previously the Chief of Staff for a Georgia State Senator and Legislative Aide to a Georgia State House of Representative.

Chief of Staff for a Georgia State Senator and Legislative Aide to a Georgia State House of Representative was one of the most rewarding positions which catapulted her into the Political arena. Her responsibilities were:

Community Liaison
Working with a variety of Local and State agencies and organizations
Assisted with Bills and Legislative issues
Participated in the first African American Leadership Conference while visiting the White House and President Barack Obama with State Legislators
Participated in International relations on Business Development and Student Exchange in Turkey and Greece

As a Steering Committee member for Fulton County 2035 Comprehensive Plan: Participates in discussions that allow Community Leaders lend their voice, advice and opinions based on feedback received from the community to shape the future of South Fulton County

As Chair of South Fulton United, Debra is instrumental in working with State Legislators and Community Members to allow those in unincorporated South Fulton the opportunity to vote to become a city. Over a three year period South Fulton United hosted and facilitated over one hundred (100) meetings to inform and keep the community engaged in the process. She is dedicated to assisting in enhancing the quality of life for the entire community of South Metro.

As President of Old National Area Residents United she is responsible for working with and for over three hundred (300) members while providing information, guidance and direction regarding a variety of community issues and concerns. Experts and Professionals are regularly brought in to address issues such as:
Homeowners Association Developers and Covenants
Home Break-Ins

South Fulton Ambassadors work in coordination with the County Commissioner, Chief of Police and Captains on safety initiatives in South Fulton.

Georgia Democratic Party State Committee member and Post Seat Holder have given Debra a better understanding, pleasure and satisfaction while serving in these positions.

Witnessing the plight of Veterans she realized, due to her relationship with Legislators, she could be their Advocate. So that we never forget the sacrifices or issues of those that fought for our safety she joined Black Veterans Helping Veterans.

As the President of her Homeowners Association for ten years she has had the responsibility of:
Hiring vendors
Negotiating contracts and the sale of undeveloped property
Works closely with Law Enforcement Agencies

Debra is a Community Leader who interacts effectively in South Metro with special interest in North Fayette County, Southwest Clayton County and the City of Fayetteville. Lower South Metro deserves the leadership she has demonstrated. In addition, she provides support to the general public regarding situations, opportunities and events.

Debra Bazemore is a mother of three beautiful children, two daughters and one son who is a United States Military Veteran.

She graduated from Strayer University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.

As a Public Policy Leader in the areas of Education, Economic Development and Public Safety I will include the City of Fayetteville as a critical part of House District 63.

As a Community Leader I intend to involve the Panhandle Community of South Clayton in the decision making process of House District 63.

As a committed Advocate of sharing the Economic Development impact of the Aerotropolis Initiative I will connect the stakeholders of North Fayette in this initiative.

Come out and see Debra Bazemore at this years festival.